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Conversion Sales

Conversion Sales

Conversion Sales

With our Sittingbourne site conveniently close to all the major motorway networks we are ideally based to service the whole of the UK. Our comprehensive range of equipment and services allows us to cover all your conversion requirements, with both in house and mobile facilities.

We convert paper, packaging grades and specialist substrates.

In Conversion Sales we offer the following and more:-

  • Purpose built facilities

  • 24 hour operation

  • Fast track goods in and despatch

  • Wireless bar-coding at the point of receipt

  • Individual reel and pallet identification

  • EDI links set up and administered if required

  • Processing undertaken within guaranteed waste losses

  • Mobile Conversion options available

  • Discretion and confidentiality guaranteed

  • Fast reliable professional service

  • Uncomplicated administration

  • Customer orientated

  • More valuable paper into the press rooms

  • Runability guaranteed

Reel Re-processing

Coiling: **NEW**

Colombier UK Ltd have invested in a state of the art UK built Coiler / rewinder.

This brand new coiling machine has the ability to covert up to 20x coils at once, down to as little as 50mm wide, utilising fully automatic knife adjustment, Automatic Twin Bow Roll seperation, and brake regeneration energy saving technologies.

Specifically engineered for the eco brown / packaging grade substrate, this new machine offers Colombier UK Ltd’s customers the ability to diversify their products for use in eco-friendly paper bags, sack kraft, and all types of recyclable substrate manufacture.

  • Produce coils down to 50mm wide

  • Produce upto 20x coils at once

  • Fully automatic male + female knife setting

  • Fully Automatic Twin Bow Rolls

  • Energy Saving Brake Regeneration system

Machine spec

GSM Range - 60gsm to 300gsm
Web Input Width - 400mm to 1720mm
Core - 76mm / 100mm / 152mm
Max Output Width - 1700mm
Min Output Width - 50mm
No. Of Cuts - 20x Cuts
Max Reel Output Diameter - 1500mm OD
Max Machine Running Speed - 1000 MPM

Mobile Resizing

A revolutionary system that guarantees run ability, with no stigma attached.

This unique piece of specialist equipment reduces the width of a reel without the need for either unwrapping or unwinding. Practical and extremely cost effective, Mobile Reel Resizing can be carried out at any covered location of your choice. An innovative method of changing the width of a reel of paper without the need to unwrap or unwind the parent reel.

  • No waste other that trim waste

  • No unwrapping of the parent reel

  • Reel arrives at the printer in original livery

  • Runability on press is guaranteed

  • Any substrate can be resized

  • Resizer can operate in your premises saving expensive haulage cost

  • Original mill tension retained

  • Trim from as little as 1mm

Reel Divider

An innovated method of pre finishing multiple webs without the need to unwrap or unwind the parent reel.

  • No waste other that trim waste

  • No unwrapping of the parent reel

  • Reel arrives at the printer in original livery

  • Any substrate can be resized

Conventional Rewinding

The process of rewinding from one reel to another for one of the following reasons:

  • Change diameter

  • Change core

  • Produce multiple webs

  • Replace a damaged or crushed core

  • Quality control

Machine spec

Max reel input width: 2530mm (2500mm trimmed)
Max reel diameter: 1,300mm
Max reel weight: 3,000kg
Cores: 70mm, 76mm, 152mm & 302mm

Sheeting Services

Strachan Henshaw - Single rotary sheet cutter


  • Max reel width: 1,420mm (1400mm trimmed)

  • Max reel diameter: 1,300mm

  • Max reel weight: 2,000kg

  • Cores: 76mm, 152mm

  • 6 Reel back-stand


  • Maximum sheets out: 3

  • Maximum sheet length: 1200mm

  • Minimum sheet length: 400mm


  • For all Paper & Board Material

  • Wohlenberg Programmatic Guillotines

  • Maximum width 1150mm

  • Fully programmable

Ream Wrapping

Full salle facilities available

  • Inspection and pallet refurbishment

  • Paper counting

  • Specialist wrapping

Specialist sheeting activities for the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Photographic industry

  • Pressure sensitive NCR materials

Reel Inspection & Refurbishment


Complimentary to the other reel re-processing options is the complete reel refurbishment service.

Damaged reels can be repacked by one of our skilled reel repackers.

Our experienced staff will be able to determine whether a reel is suitable to go forward to the press prior to refurbishment. All reels will be inspected prior to being re-wrapped in PE coated Kraft manufactured to our own exacting specifications with new end discs and bar code weights updated.


Pallets of folio sheets are inspected and any damaged paper removed, broken pallets replaced or repaired and stretch wrapped and where necessary label information updated.

Customer specific pallets can be supplied.

Our experienced staff will be able to determine whether pallets are suitable to go forward to the press.

Our aim is to put more paper back to the pressrooms and reduce the need for stock clearance as waste.

Special Services

Colombier UK Ltd have developed services for:

  • Palletising reels on roll

  • Tightening loosely wound cores


Palletised boxes of either A3 or A4 can be neutralised or refurbished to remove damaged material. Individual reams can be re-labelled, re-boxed and re-palletised.